Air Cleaner For Classrooms- 3 Really Good Reasons Every Class Needs One

A great classroom can inspire students for a lifetime. But it’s easy to understand how polluted the air can become with 15 to 20 students or more in the same space. Here are 3 reasons every classroom should have a cleaner working to keep the air clean 24 hours every day Airborne Germs—As much as your students may try, covering sneezes and coughs are never going to be done 100% of the time. With classrooms holding 20 or more students airborne germs can and do literally go virile. This means colds, flu, and other viruses can cause an epidemic of illness. The Swine Flu epidemic several years ago is an example of how quickly germs can spread from one host to the next. And age was not a barrier as both college students and grade school students were affected. Being able to remove these germs that often attach to larger particles and are then inhaled, is an effective way to keep the air healthier. Cleaner air means fewer absences and students that are often more able to focus and excel on what is being taught. Allergies—An increasing number of people suffer from airborne allergies. The triggers can include dust, mold and mildew spores, pet dander, and seasonal pollen. If you are located in an older building, dust, and mold and mildew spores may be a real issue. You can count on outdoor allergens like pollen as well as mold and mildew spores to come inside after students have participated in activities outside. These small particles attach to clothes, hair, and book bags and make their way into your room. Unless you actively filter the air, they will continue to go airborne with the normal classroom activities. Those who are at all sensitive will be affected by the increased number of allergens in the air, and this often affects their ability to concentrate and do their best. Continuous filtration is a proactive way to eliminate the problems before they can become a problem for you or your students. Unknowns And The Uncontrollable—Have you ever walked into your room in the morning to discover that there is an odor that wasn’t there the day before? Do the fumes from the cleaning solution used on the desks the night before make the room smell bad? Does the room smell stuffy because the heat or air conditioning was shut down during the night? If you’ve taught for a while, you know that any of these are real possibilities. Being able to continually have a purifier that won’t shut down during the night can mean the difference between having a productive day and being miserable with the way the room smells. Healthy air quality where you will spend at least 180 days for the next year is crucial to a successful school year for everyone involved. Being able to count on clean air in the morning and throughout the day will yield huge benefits in how much energy you have. And the more energy you have the better able you are to motivate your students. And isn’t that what teaching is all about?}