Stay Dry Through Incontinence Problems

Losing bladder control is often a common occurrence during old age and can be quite embarrassing and cumbersome for people suffering from ailments. Incontinence sheets and pads are of great help for this and help in keeping the patients dry. Incontinence is a problem more prevalent in women than men and can be attributed to the location of the urinary tract in women. It can occur in women of all ages however it is more prevalent in older and middle aged women. It is a condition which is often not reported to doctors and most people who suffer from this condition just deal with it on their own. One common assumption about this condition is that it will eventually go away on its own. However proper medical treatment can get down to the root cause of this condition and treat it permanently. Exercises are often recommended for this condition and helps in relaxing the muscles around the pelvis. This also helps patients suffering from this condition to better control their muscles and prevents them from urinating without control. Stress is also often a leading cause for incontinence and loss of bladder control is indicative of high stress levels. Children who are very young also have no bladder control and tend to empty their bladders without warning. In all patients who suffer from this condition urination can occur even while sleeping and this can cause the bed to become wet. Urine is also the bearer of numerous infection causing organisms and lying on this all night long is not hygienic and can in turn cause skin ailments. Drawsheets are available which can be pulled over mattresses and helps in absorbing the urine and maintains a dry environment. Duvet covers are also available and can be spread there to avoid any wetness as well. Mattress covers can be spread over the bed of the patients suffering from this condition and this is an effective way of soaking in moisture and preventing the occurrence of any skin rashes. These sheets help in protecting the mattress too as they too can get spoilt due to repeated exposure to moisture. Waterproof pillow covers too are available and help in keeping the pillows dry and prevent them from absorbing water from the mattress. These sheets are soft and comfortable when used and do not stick out like a rough sheet. They also become warm and soft under the heat of the body and are very comfortable to use. Pads and diapers are also available for men and women and can be used by them to keep themselves dry and ensure that the urine is absorbed when they lose bladder control. These disposable pads are convenient to use and can be placed on panties to help in absorbing urine instantly. They are disposable and can be discarded after use and this makes them easy and convenient to use. They are also very hygienic and are affordable and can be used for prolonged periods. Incontinence pads are also available as chair and bed pads and these can be washed and used multiple times. Bed pads are also available with flaps or wings and help in keeping the pads firmly in place and also ensure the side of the mattresses do not get moistened by urine.}

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